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Παρασκευή, 31 Αυγούστου 2018


Published 24 Aug 2018

Letta Kalamara

It is hilarious and outrageous for the U.S. history the disrespect for the U.S. President Donald Trump from the first day of his electoral win shown by many Americans and not only. More precisely from the first night of his democratic prevalence against Hillary Clinton a continuous unconstitutional campaign to overturn what U.S. people decided with their vote has been launched. For the most powerful nation in the World this authoritarian stance against Donald Trump signals a wrong message for the whole humanity. If U.S. President given the power from his people is challenged so much in America, then everything undemocratic and totalitarian should be expected in the universe.

It is obvious that Donald Trump and his slogans “America First” or “Make America Great Again” disturb a whole network internally and externally of US in the same time. A powerful elite that was used to rule this World by hiding behind the scenes and treating voters and humans as insignificant beings is counteracting. It is clear nowadays the crucial role in the anti-Trump campaign and U.S. rebirth opposition of media and other nation’s leaders. In a frantic or sneaky way, they try to devalue any Trump’s successes and exaggerate every mishandling of him showing absolute indifference for the US. Presidency.

No matter Trump’s contribution in U.S. economy and with total defiance for his deeds in eliminating North Korea’s nuclear threats the old system of rendering states broke and insufficient to cover their people’s vital needs goes on with its effort to revert U.S. people democratic decision. With unknown resources they await Donald Trump’s political collapse and a possible return to the embarrassing first decade of 21th century when nations were hit by a destructive financial crisis and people resulted in poverty. Indeed, what they want is to terminate U.S. President incumbency abruptly and, in any case, make Donald Trump to withdraw from a probable second leading of U.S. A leading from the front and not from behind as many wished for U.S and its foundation principles. 

In our global village there is no space for both democracy and kleptocracy anymore. Safe heaves of illegal money in both states and para-states cannot exist and they are revealed daily making ‘business as usual’ impossible. Human and drugs trafficking through nations with the supervision of selfish leaders that were imposed in nations cannot remain the prime resource of states and this create an alliance of evil subsequently. These people and nations are determined to confront Donald Trump and his staff and are using any means and almost failed nation to stop U.S. expansion.

In the same time EU...

 a traditional U.S. ally is fragmented between nations that care for their people and their freedom to live their lives and nations that want to retain an anti-US pro-Russian system of governing. Unfortunately, most EU leaders are working against people’s prosperity hidden behind big words while they are co-operating with the other side of the moon. Let’s hope that humanity will not return to the catastrophic era of World Wars while trying to carve its way to the future of Artificial Intelligence and spiritual uplift. There is no need neither for another Auschwitz nor Hiroshima.

May God help America to let its people decide for their future through their vote only in 2020…