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Τετάρτη, 13 Δεκεμβρίου 2017

European Fund for Sustainable Development: 44 billion euro ofadditional investments

With an initial contribution from the EU budget of €4.1 billion, the European Fund for Sustainable Development is designed to trigger up to €44 billion of additional investments. Three of the five investment windows under the new Fund will directly target climate action. First agreements and implementation of first projects are expected by mid-2018. 

The Sustainable energy and connectivity investment window will target sectors such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and transport, energy security, sustainable development. The Sustainable agriculture, rural entrepreneurs and agribusiness investment window will promote inclusive and sustainable growth with financing for smallholders, cooperatives, and mid-sized agribusinesses. Last but not least, the Sustainable Cities investment window will help to catalyse private investments by enhancing cities' capacity and creditworthiness and deploying large scale blended finance instruments to support urban infrastructure. It will target municipal infrastructure, sustainable urban planning, smart mobility, water, sanitation, waste management, renewable energy and energy efficiency. 

Complementing the Sustainable Cities window, the European Commission is setting up the "Global URBIS" cooperation initiative in partnership with the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Global Covenant of Mayors. "Global URBIS" will provide cities around the world with financing and technical assistance to mobilise private investment, including in some riskier sectors. The European Commission will launch in 2018 a first call for projects for Africa and the EU Neighbourhood. The projects will benefit from a €1,5 billion guarantee facility from the European External Investment Plan.

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Investing in Clean Industrial Technologies 3,4 billion Euro 2018-2020 Horizon 2020 - What will the European Commission do next?

The European Commission is boosting new investment in clean energy and climate research and innovation by doing the following: 
Increasing targeted public investment in clean energy and climate science and innovation – worth €3.4 billion in 2018- 2020 under the EU's flagship Horizon 2020 research programme;

Deploying targeted financial instruments to lower the risk of private investments; Targeted support for top-class innovators comes through the first phase of the European Innovation Council, which will accelerate the development and scale-up of breakthrough innovations through a bottom-up approach. This project focuses €2.7 billion of funding and opportunities on innovators, start-ups and companies with ideas and innovations which are radically different from existing products, services or business models, are highly risky and have the potential to scale up internationally. The most innovative start-ups in the clean technology sector will create the future European global companies in this area. 

The European Commission will also provide investments of up to €400 million in an independently managed Venture Capital Fund of-Funds. The EU investment will represent up to 25% of a projected total fund of €1.6 billion. 

Designing a stable and ambitious regulatory environment that promotes innovation: The EU Emissions Trading System will include two new Innovation and Modernisation funds that have the potential to generate up to €18 billion of revenue during the next decade. The revenue is intended for European industry to invest in new technologies and for the Member States to modernise their power sector and energy systems. The Innovation Fund will help European industry to make investments in breakthrough technologies. Potential projects include steel production without the use of coal, production of cement that captures greenhouse gas emissions, aluminium production with up to 100% greenhouse gas emission reductions, new tidal energy, wave energy, floating wind and energy storage or efficiency concepts. The Modernisation Fund will facilitate investments in the power sector and wider energy systems and boosting energy efficiency in 10 lower-income Member States. It will give priority to the generation and use of electricity from renewables, energy efficiency, upgrading power grids and interconnectors, and energy storage. The Fund will also support the European Commission's work on the transition of carbon-dependent regions to the low-carbon economy, including projects on re-deployment, re-skilling and education.

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