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Τετάρτη, 16 Μαΐου 2018

Greece in the 21st Century

Published in 10 May 2018

“A bridge of energy”, Greece was called by its PM Alexis Tsipras back in 9/11 of 2016 in Baku, Azerbaijan  when it was projected to connect Caspian gas with Europe through Turkey and TANAP/TAP pipeline. A successful effort that soon will provide alternative ways of warming for the old Europe. “The Energy Triangle” between Israel, Cyprus and Greece was formed with Israel’s PM Netanyahu strong support in order to link Mediterranean resources with Europe through EastMed sea pipeline continuously. An ambitioned effort to redeem Greece as a regional energy hub for 21st Century. A state seen more nowadays as a bridge of illegal immigrants and smuggling of people, oil, weapons and narcotics than a potential exporter of EU external governance.

In such a way, there cannot

be any bright future for peoples and region in total. Greece is surrounded by disoriented states as well that they are struggling to define their future either towards EU or eastwards. Meanwhile, “Balkan corridor”, with its extensions in both ways, penetrates Europe and keep its destiny unfulfilled. Either by economic crisis and financial “black holes” or uncontrolled influx of despaired people into European societies the latter have been deformed and been irritated constantly the latest years while social and political anomalies have been produced repeatedly.

Greece as a beacon of freedom and prosperity must 
regulate EU stability and signal a different century for continent’s fate. Far from obsolete ideologies and national disillusions it should lead from the front regionally and distill all previous centuries centrifugal powers. It cannot be accepted anymore for Greece a role of money laundering hub and illegal activities under others tolerance if not support that made EU trembling and altered elections results significantly during last decade.

Indeed, an energetic change
demands for a social unity and pursuit for a better future for both old and young generations. It is a social abuse to condemn young people to poverty or abandonment of their own country to avoid a tyranny derived by transnational gangs that destroy and substitute constitutional states sovereignty on a daily base. Criminal organizations that got used for decades to appoint elected leaders democratically by disillusions through controlled mass media and money laundering are threating now both the existence of countries as an accepted form of power and organizations like EU.


It is not a matter of democracy but an issue between  tyranny and prosperity. Human disgracefulness and dignity. Taking part into an abused election cannot be anymore considered satisfactory to define civilized nations. Only the level of peoples’ creativity, devotion and spiritual rise should delimit nations and evaluate their international behavior. In this spirit Greece may revive its ancient classical ideas that shed their light into humanity for centuries and revive present disoriented Greece as a regional hub of spirit that will bring energy to the whole Europe continent while differentiating existing Russian commitments for a better future of all.

            The Sooner the better…