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Κυριακή, 4 Φεβρουαρίου 2018


Letta Kalamara

Published 29 Jan 2018

United States old diplomat Matthew Nimetz pays a visit in Athens and Skopje in the next days after 28 ages failed efforts to formalize his final  proposal and persuade Greece and its Macedon to accept their North neighbor fake identity. With the wise goal of keeping alive this non-viable landlocked state in the middle of Balkans peninsula and integrating it into NATO and European Union diplomat Nimetz spent a whole generation trying to solve a Gordian knot in a wrong way. An international relations' paradox that was born in communist Yogoslavia in 1945 and came in the surface after the collapse of the Soviet union and the falling apart of Yugoslavia in 90’s still remains undefined. A nation with the desire to be named with its neighbor's identity.

Unfortunately, in the early 90's Mr. Nimetz and his mentors under Bill Clinton's Administration made the choice to continue Communist dictator Tito's foreign policy when he renamed Yugoslavia’s south province Vardaska in 1945 to the former Republic of Macedonia in order to pose an expansion threat towards Greece. An already devastated country by Germans occupation that was entering in the era of Stalin's spheres of influence World. 

Even worse that efforts were intensified under Mrs Clinton's Ministry of Foreign Affairs leadership when US recognized Fyrom with the fake name “MACEDONIA” which refers to Great Alexander and the Macedon kingdom/state of ancient Greece. It is known to all that ancient Greece where democracy established in Athens had the form of regional kingdoms/states where Athens, Sparta, Corinth, Corfu, Macedonia where few among numerous areas that Greek civilization thrived and raised for humanity the pillars that modern World is based on nowadays with the prominent example of the United States of America.

Mr Nimetz comes to Greece tomorrow with marked cards where five aces with the fake name of Macedonia are written in all leaving Greece to choose ridiculously. He tries to impose a decision contrary to the will of Greeks that will keep tensions for the future alive in an geographical area that gave two Balkan Wars and lately the horrible break up of Yugoslavia where humanity crimes were committed from all sides. What Mr Nimetz tries by pushing to an undesired by people solution will create non-viable situations in international relations and should not be acceptable. Nations are not built by stealing a piece of glorious history from another to develop symbols, beliefs and customs. You cannot merge distinguished Albanians and Slavs under the preach of Aristotle, Plato and Socrates all contributors to Great Alexander leadership and expect no shedding. What may come up maybe a fake nation in NATO or EU away from Russia Great Catherine’s vision and her steady for centuries implementation of its foreign policy in Balkans but in the same time going this way will create a history abnormality that soon will collapse while damaging feelings of neighboring nations for centuries. There is definitely a solution for a Belgium of Balkans to long lived in prosperity and safety. 

United Nations's representative should consider better the ideas of World culture inheritance and stop trying to satisfy Clinton’s failed foreign policy by another more productive way. Embarrassing the people of an already NATO member that showed repeatedly its courage against fascism and towards liberty will not serve for good no one. Regrettable be US ambassador in Greece and ex-US ambassador in divided Ukraine Mr. Pyat who expressed his support to Mr.Nimetz and Clinton’s policies though he lives in Greece and knows that on the 4th of February millions of Greeks will express their will on the streets. A nation's solid belief on the contrary to their Prime Minister Mr.Tsipras desire to bargain his political survival by ceding Greeks inheritance to others.

In any way everyone is free to betray his country and his legacy is only what it remains when time flies and leaves back moments of brevity and cowardice in the serve of darkness. 

Go on Mr. Nimetz, go on Mr. Tsipras, sell Greece again in the better please price in your World’s market of fake news and history rape. Long lived North Macedonia, the World's most fake nation and its "godfathers"... 

In the end only God decides, as he did when Great Alexander was born and buried in Greece...