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Πέμπτη, 28 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Schäuble versus Tsipras

Last Sundays’ German elections were totally predictable. Chancellor Frau Merkel becomes again Chancellor Merkel, Herr Schultz verified the death of European socialism and revealed his real purpose of his candidacy contributing to the easy win of Frau Merkel and Germans expressed characteristically as never their abhorrence towards this new Europe and Germany. A continent and Germany full of the so-called refugees who actually are more illegal immigrants that shape a cheap workforce for the aging Europe believing in another God and social values than desperate people.

So the big question remains what was the purpose of these elections apart from a typical repetition of a democratic procedure that includes weirdly far right, far left and most importantly people’s misery and huge nation’s debt burdens in almost all European societies. The Day After (Der Tag danach) German elections proves only one thing. Everyone served his role receiving his award indeed for expelling Herr Schäuble, a potential Chancellor under different circumstances, from his Finance Ministry. Herr  Schäuble who kept a steady stance all the previous years of Europe’s financial and not only turbulence keeping the ship afloat.

The Greek ruler of Europe is in Heidelberg according to reliable sources caring only for Herr Schäuble political expulsion even through his boost in order to pave the way for the completion of Alexis Tsipras nightmare. A less resistant German Minister of Finance could consent in Mr Macron’s European political dream more easily and survival of Tsipras’ regime that serves willingly anything else than Greeks prosperity and Europe’s cohesion could be secured. In an even better situation a more menacing political figure in German Finance Ministry could push more decisively for a GREXIT that would keep Europe’s disunion spreading and Greece subjection to other known types of authoritarian political systems like Russia’s and China’s ones feasible always of course with Greeks concession.

The only remaining to see now is not Herr Schäuble successor but how long Chancellor Merkel that favored so eagerly Alexis Tsipras policy when he opened European borders in 2015 will remain in her political throne. Now that she has managed to reach other German’s political giants’ prominent political existence the only thing that is challenged is her legacy. Will she leave a better Germany and Europe from that she found in 2005 or just only remnants of what political leaders like Churchill and Kohl deliver to her, the first and maybe the last German woman as Chancellor since 1871…

Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schäuble