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Σάββατο, 30 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Alternative for Europe

When God decides, Queen Elisabeth will leave a totally distorted Europe opposite of what she found when she ascended in her throne undoubtedly. Although Europe with the help of US and Russia stood up to fascism it is ambiguous if we have managed to "reach broad, sunlit uplands" as Winston Churchill foresaw in his life.

It is clear through almost all European countries' recent elections results that people are not satisfied from what its political system, democracy, is offering to them. While there are no doubts that ancient Greek political system is still the best established in human history Europeans nowadays resulting wrongly to nationalism and populism to get rid of what it could be considered “deep European State” controlled through exchanges and blackmails instead of checks and balances. Peoples' needs for security and prosperity cannot be served anymore by the old methods of ruling.

Russia is playing quite well its new type of hybrid warfare puzzling West leaders while illegal immigrants that were supposed to revitalize and reform old aging European countries are actually dismantling them as they came in much larger doses that societies could absorb. In the same time old habitats of this continent found themselves heavily debt burdened in post Lehman Brothers era, unable to live their lives happily and most criticallly holistic disoriented.

Technology and innovation has brought up in the surface all deficiencies and selfish attitudes from EU rulers while Russia and China with their oppressive “democratic” systems offer alternatives that though make peoples suffer in the same time provide very lucrative and alluring ways of living for ruling casts. Europe nations responses that disbelieved of being liberated after the end of Cold War under the reckless lead of Germany and its Chancellor Merkel and her late catastrophic decisions for illegal immigrants led people to search for new solutions providing to their exploiters another opportunity for exploitation through new forms of authoritarian political views. Even communism revived in some countries with brightest example Greece and Alexis Tsipras radical left governing coalition that still troubles Europe and harasses Greeks.

To say it clearly, Brexit, fascism, populism and mainly the old noble way of ruling Europe is outdated and counter-productive risking of fully dismantling the after WWII vision of a United Europe under common high values and principles of life. Neither isolation and disunion nor totalitarian regimes is the way humanity should proceed and people to flourish. It is not democracy holding referendums so as to snap strategic decision without presenting the consequences of each perspective and mainly by disregarding a robust 48.1% in order to serve unknown purposes. Europe is the open sea of people for 21th century who should enjoy their life and set a new paradigm of ruling in front of the scenes for the next centuries of space mutual exploitation.

The sooner political parties and their leaders change their attitude towards their voters the better for all. Otherwise one by one artificial ideologies and their representatives will vanish in the realm of hypocrisy. Europe should surpass its Edward Hoover era at last facing its external threats while extinguish its internal. Otherwise, disunion and subjugation will follow making people to take what they deserve, a decent life, violently.

It is not a win to end up where we started due to reckless and selfish ruling. A revision of a vison is needed based on a pan-European trust strong enough to substitute the Westphalian State World with a more dimensional structure of liberty, respect, dignity, security, innovation, creativity and prosperity.

“This is not the time to Ease and Comfort. It is a time to Dare and Endure.” Winston Churchill