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Δευτέρα, 19 Ιουνίου 2017


Alexis Tsipras showed his power according to Reuters when Greece under Alexis authoritarian rule blocked EU condemn for human rights in China. The man who made Putin waiting for him as long as he wanted and gathered whenever he liked EU leaders the last two years seems undoubtedly the greatest global leader.

It is amazing to rule a nation without money to pay its lenders and in the same time make the lenders seem defeated. Moreover managing to send your people to poverty on a daily basis and prolonging your presence in power seems a magic attainment that only Alexis can do. Shelling your country is trivial for a global leader of Tsipras magnitude. A man that his ideology covers the whole World a tiny Greece is just hors d'oeuvre in his first global plate. Nothing to lose when lost or everything for start.

There is no doubt that nothing had been seen yet regarding Alexis 21st century rule. A radical left who seems to dictate Greece and Europe's fate pushing it towards another political system is totally unpredictable. Communist capitalism is only his myth to rule the World. In any day there is an ace in his sleeve that makes world seems different. China and Russia come closer to Europe with Tsipras decisions and only to be seen yet is if there will finally be agglutinated. A corridor between Asia, Russia and Europe is been carved and surprisingly comes from south of Europe through sea. Where China bayonets Europe with the cover of Russia shield in Balkans making the dawn of humanity too late.

Where democracy gave birth thousands years ago Alexis Tsipras sets the axis of the new World where Europe circumvents around happily. The gears seems set properly with a dark wisdom of terror and Europeans turn around in ignorance. All its leaders with the prominent ones first work for the self-destruction of European Union. Brexit was the start of the unraveling of Europe. British gloomy future the end state of  new Europe under Chinese - Russia regime. An electoral authoritarianism where human rights count little.

More to come in the day after Alexis Tsipras humans disregard and how he makes his justice coax to the eagle with the help of Olga for the loss of human dignity and fate...