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Δευτέρα, 29 Μαΐου 2017

Russia dominance in Greece

A Russian oligarch and politician Mr.Savidis is stated to have bought a good percentage of one of the biggest TV channels in Greece that faced severe financial issues in the last years. This share acquisition along with his ownership of a popular football team in North Greece and not only brings Mr.Savidis in the front as one of the most powerful person in Greece. Moreover there are rumors that another aggressive media acquisition is in progress. No doubt this phenomenon is not surprising in one of the last leftist European government of Mr. Tsipras radical left Syriza party, in a country that still has as well a communist party with a respectful percentage while in the same time belongs in EU and NATO.

For Greece that its government recently had the aspiration of producing Kalashnikov in its territory and acknowledged 2016 as the year of Russia - Greece close relationship Mr.Savidis investments seem quite normal and anticipated. The same goes for the appearance of a new type of journalism in Greece that resembles Joseph Stalin's "Pravda" era. The Athens & Macedonian Agency seems to have replaced modern ways of news making identical anonymous articles appeared simultaneously in various media as the dominating face of people's catechism and changing business as usual in pro-West Greece after WWII.

For Mr.Tsipras it is known that Vladimir Putin has been proved a safe resort for lending during his governance and especially when he faced resistance from his EU lenders. Although he hasn't managed yet with his numerous local and external supporters to combine Russia rubles and EU euro Mr.Putin has the patience to wait for his leader. Indeed for Mr.Tsipras idealism that has no political rivals in European territory apart maybe Herr Scheuble Greece and Europe are minor ideas compared with his global plan of another type of life and governance. While he desperately needs 7 billions euro in July to pay Greece's loans he has no difficulty in setting the global rules. Angela Merkel seems determined to support an eternal dark in Greece in order to secure her share in the country's occupation and continue the deprivation of national assets. It seems that she has no objection for a Russian collaboration just in a similar and better way than it happened in last decades when they were striving both who will bribe more Greek officials in reckless armaments procurement that shaped Greek political, business and social environment.

From Great Catherine to Joseph Stalin and now to Vladimir Putin little seems to have changed in orthodox Greece and Balkans. What brought the establishment of Greece as a modern state in 1830, the French Revolution, easily and quickly was overthrown by the maintenance of the Ottomans Greek cast's subservience till nowadays that they are seeking their "Messiah" in the totalitarian regimes of Russia and China in the exchange of their survival.

The unorthodox model of Ukraine seems to be the model for Mr.Tsipras dream where Greece far away from its liberal ancient Greece spirit and its modern alike societies will make finally the ultimate breakthrough in hostile alliances that stand obstacle to his 'humanity" river.

Let it be...