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Δευτέρα, 17 Απριλίου 2017


Published 17 Apr 17

There is no doubt that certain political leaders are indifferent for many World and national media. They gain no attention or even worse negative interest only. Political tastes not surprisingly vary for both people and organizations. The challenging inquiry comes when media differentiate themselves from common peoples' tastes for unknown reasons. This is not considered as their role to exist.

The most impressive case is new US President Trump whose media coverage is not characterized by positive news on a daily basis. Anything negative is always welcomed in news topics the last months varying from intrigue issues, confusion, disappointment, mistakes and justice related issues. In this case the divergence from what US people have chosen as their political leader is quite dangerous as it finally correlates with democracy acceptance and receptiveness as a political system in a country that was accepted as the most democratic till Trump's inauguration. 

Why World Media in their great majority showed their preference from the first night in challenging by any means the democratic result of US elections is unknown. Indeed the same with their silence for the subject that prevailed pre-election period concerning Mrs Clinton's criminal or not misdeeds.

Coming to Europe what is political irrational is Greek PM Tsipras's media sympathy contrary to his opponent Mr Mitsotakis who dominates in all polls regarding social acceptance and political preference. While Mr Tsipras managed to deteriorate almost all financial and social indicators during his short governance, Mr Mitsotakis seems a real threat for World and Greek Media. Not surprisingly maybe as he often speaks about his preposition for a new Greek society relative with the New World of innovation and competiveness and a New Social productive system. Obviously his perseverance with changing the way business were done in Greece for decades mainly through German and Russia briberies is the only reason for media negligence for his political ascension limited the best in a media apathy. 

The present Greek situation, leaded by Alexis Tsipras who is unequivocally trying to impose a communist regime hiding all past economical crimes and strongly favored from Angela Merkel, IMF and EU institutions, coincides not surprisingly with media choice for their neutral daily coverage.

The last maybe more outrageous media treatment is towards France candidate François Fillon who...

has impressively earned a fierce negative coverage for his candidacy referring only to scandals and his appropriateness as a next French President. What people will chose will be soon revealed but this case reminds strongly the Clinton-Trump contest where almost all reliable World media foresaw a winner different from the one people finally decided with their vote. Mr Fillon seems a threat for the old European ruling system and a possible challenger for German Europe dominance so again his identification as a media target is certainly justifiable. The plan for EU dismantling through Brexit and a North-South partition which may be followed with someone else's penetration seems not to be ideally served by Mr Fillon. His media degradation is a way for blocking him from a second round that any results will be almost indifferent as it will lead in the same end.

Conclusively the fourth power considered last till recently seems to have its own political sensors not defined clearly if they depict peoples will or directs it where its owner wants...