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Τρίτη, 14 Φεβρουαρίου 2017

General Flynn's legacy

"The capability and scale of the threat was far bigger than we ever had previously thought about...", once stated the honorable fighter Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn, but surely never expected to be the first political victim of new U.S. President Donald Trump team. From the night of the historical Mr.Trump's win his ex-National Security Advisor became a political target. He had to go away as soon as possible and he went. Although a warrior he left his back insecure due his willingness to lead an unforeseen battle. Considered as an intelligence expert he was caught in an intelligent trap.

For those who have read Flynn's book "The Field of Fight" there was no "a strategic surprise". "Our leaders don't want to identify our enemies. That puts us on the path to defeat" wrote without finally seems to have identified all the enemies himself."I'm not a devotee of so-called political correctness"."You 've got to be able to anticipate your own men's mistakes, predict your enemies' actions and understand what your superiors want from you". Finally, "We're going to have to think like the evil men" but could a decent man like General Flynn ever became like his enemies?

"Democracy's greatest weakness is foreign policy" as Alexis de Tocqueville wrote way back in 1831, when Greece established again in modern history, but Russia proven the "political knife" that someone stabbed in General's back leaving him on his official duty less than 25 days. What does "winning" meant for Michael T. Flynn definitely meant loss for some unseen key players behind the curtains. Those who had worked for the present order that led to debt-overburden nations, fanatic people and fake reality.

A man with a well stated strategy to win was a threat to the global networks and its leaders. With his final goal of recognizing who's in charge of the enemy's forces he initiated a one's survival fierce battle without knowing it. "Annually $1 trillion is stolen by corrupt officials from countries around the globe. Much of it goes into big anonymous real estate deals in the United Kingdom, which is seeing billion pounds in unrecorded capital inflows per month", he wrote before the BREXIT and the threat of a future safe heaven once at least officially mentioned recently.

Although someone could argue that internal US policy issues should and may are indifferent to other societies and political systems distinguished Joseph S. Nye questioning "Is the American century over?" in his book argues in his conclusions that accidents, miscalculations and idiosyncratic human choices may challenge the 21th century already signs. In an interconnected World in all dimensions with porous borders that social ideas fly above and illicit money through them how much really General Flynn's decision to resign is a personal issue leaving indifferent our environment?

A permanent candidate may be ready to replace him but is there the right time to toss a coin? Let's hope for President's Trump right choice as like Winston Churchill once counseled: "Never believe any war will be smooth and easy or that anyone who embarks on that strange voyage can measure the tides and storms he will encounter".

General Michael T. Flynn had left but let's hope that the door did not open also for the next one. He left behind his spirit of win that in the past defined TF 714's courage of facing what he had never envisaged...

So help me God!