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Δευτέρα, 6 Φεβρουαρίου 2017


Europe is heading to nowhere. A European Union founded on the lost blood and soil of millions during WWII seems to reach a deadlock soon. US indifference with its reckless foreign policy after Cold War permitted a German hegemony inside Europe functioning and serving its own narrow national foreign policy truly unchanged for centuries. A policy starting in Berlin and ending in Baghdad with no principles than power no matter it costs. Kicking out United Kingdom with a ridicule apolitical process German EU returned cunningly  to the ex-Empire its own eternal weapon. Divide and conquer.

EU not only turns UK again in a isolated island on the cold North begging for time and pity but managed to secure its dominance so as to go on with the next phase. Ostracizing new governed US from Europe and IMF from Greece will leave the field empty so as Europe internal zones been redrawn again just like after WWII from the defeated that time and winner nowadays. An already agreed different level Europe is been referred waiting for the 60th Europe anniversary which will end in a completely controlled and servile entity of different values and societies. Common ideas of freedom and prosperity for individual and nations as well that once served a reason to die against German Nazism and fascism will no long express EU ideology. An EU will represent more a living mosaic in the future existing to feed its own monster have been already decided from non-Anglo-Saxons people putting World in uncharted history waters.

Russia will no doubt find as well in this way the space it had lost in '90s offering a God's safe exit to those who find its values more promising and lucrative indeed. Putin's way doing bussiness is known and everyone is welcomed. Recent Europe past showed that German and Russia many times shared same values of self-existence so a big chance is coming again for co-operation and skirmishes. World is changing by having its poles demagnetized, unable anymore to direct its own habitats to a certain direction. Maybe for first time in human's history what is good and bad is controvertible with the majority of heavily indebted old-fashioned constructed nations praying for their preservation and destruction.

If Europe is lost then World is lost many argued in the past but World global warming in all areas and functions permits different interpretations nowadays. In a World that human doesn't respect his own place anymore while disgracing himself in many ways what's the reason to respect eternal values or even more his own kind.  Humanity crawling greedily refuses the new era of light coming from zero and reaching one while dazzled insisting in doing businesses as usual. Religion proves incapable to answers unknown things that are been revealed by science choosing a fair deal with the dark to retain its existence in the dark soils of people.

Go on Germany. Go on France. Go on UK. Go on all. 

Kill the monster, before it kills you. 

No values, no worries, no lives.

Achtung! Achtung!