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Δευτέρα, 21 Νοεμβρίου 2016


He came in his last trip where democracy once was founded and then lost forever. He came where modern civilization was put in danger to be lost twice in his presidency. He came where  the winner takes it all.

Barack Obama the first black president of USA paid alone respect  to Acropolis miracle. He stated in his speech the importance of democracy while ruling humankind. In a unofficial trip he had planned before American citizens cast their votes, he came in Athens for the place itself and not for its people indeed.

Unfortunately West culture encountered twice afterwards Lehman Brothers a world threat in Greece. Once from its economic stubbornness towards an non-ruling  way of life and secondly from its open-doors policy towards  an uncontrolled hybrid human invasion of a unanimous crowd mixed with refugees, economic immigrants and dangerous smuggling networks of all kinds. Both lethal threats through Greece deactivated successfully from Obama's cabinet.

Greek PM seemed noticeably unhappy during President Obama's presence not surprisingly for a leftist who was brought up to establish a World rebellion under his orders and govern the aftermath chaos. A young man who gathered successively all European leaders whenever he wanted to hear his arguments for another World, a pure lover of Venezuela, Russia and Iran models of governance had little to say to a leader who paved new ways  in his political dominance for mankind and refused to accept a new World order. An abnormally inheritance of democracy served by subservient chosen families.

President Obama is leaving his office soon while Alexis Tsipras, the axis of resistance is still present waiting as a political fox for the right moment to take his revenge. Definitely he has not showed his hidden ace and he is not a player knowing ever a loss. A unprecedented blow up may be his safe escape exit. What US people decided for their destiny is certainly against his plan but never the game is ended before humanity get absolutely free.

Oncoming US president Donald trump seems the worst dream for old medieval Europe which resists and abhors to any uncontrolled human's progress that will make itself invalid. Next US President will face unprecedented challenges and traps. What democracy gave him it is not certain for how long it will be kept if he jibs.

Meanwhile GG, Greece and Germany, still in a fatal spiritual pairing will make their final countdown. Two months is enough time to forbid writing of what democracy gave birth in USA. Frau Merkel an unstoppable power seeker seems determined to not let free what she inherited when powerful wind blew cold-war World away and she recklessly abused afterwards.US President visited her as well.

Goodbye Barack, a real Acropolis ancestor winner...
Goodbye Lenin, for ever...
Let's bite the apple here in Greece...