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Τετάρτη, 15 Ιουνίου 2016


23rd of June 2016 will mark a new era in our World. If the result comes as it seems and Brexit takes place this will mark a new Europe at least and a new UK for sure. British people will choose their destiny on their own and any result should be respectable from everyone.  

On one hand the focus will turn inside UK and the consequences that will bring a possible Brexit. An isolation of the island it is certain to happen as new or better old restrictions should be imposed on freedom of movement for peoples, goods and ideas in and out the new boundaries in the end. UK will defers itself from EU for first time after WWII World when million men's and women's blood shaped the idea of a true and balanced Europe unity against dark powers. A big question is if UK succeeds in keeping its unity and identity after its birth in 1707. The most crucial issue will be what that time shaped UK by unification England and Scotland. This means will Scots that decided recently to remain in UK for enjoying EU benefits and ideas reconsider their decision and enter EU or  they will choose their obedience in Buckingham Palace outside EU?

On the other hand what will new Great Britain will do is up to it and much easier than EU decisions that have to be taken in case of Brexit. A new balance has to define new rules and ideas for Europe. Just for an example what will be the reason for keeping English as a official spoken language in Europe where no member speaks it officially. Will a French - German battle begin for the new official EU main language? Indeed there will be numerous other issues that will have to be solved soon so as not to set EU in jeopardy. 

23rd of June will be a thrilling night while waiting the new borders of EU and mainly new EU power strength in all aspects. Nevertheless it is not disclosed yet a pro-Europe decision of English people that will requires at last a more clear EU policy and authorization, a new kind of leadership,  bringing birth at last in what our ancestors gave their lives to fight against fascism in any form and time for ever.

What has to be considered as a fact is that nowadays EU with its leaders and network of functions seems obsolete, uncontrolled and without inspiration as it works more to subjugate peoples with enormous debts under dark medieval clubs than free them  so as to think and live as humans.

It is time for change...