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Σάββατο, 11 Ιουλίου 2015

New Greek Political Party Declaration

7 July 2015

Foundation of our political party symbolizes the Dusk of Greek “Metapolitefsis” era and the Dawn of the next one. It aims at optimism and prosperity of Greeks with their equal and strong participation in modern west civilization.

We do not want to see the destruction of our homeland without our will and action. We want to tell our children that we tried against all they bring destruction in Greece.

Democracy for the relief of powerless and reward of excellent is the only acceptable system for governing for the future of this country.

Powerful Army Forces guarantees our democratic constitution, our safety and our jobs for prosperity.

Greece productive reconstruction based on a certain national economic plan and on our competitive advantages internationally with respect to Laws and above all human rights is the cause of the birth of our new political party.

Equal participation throughout Greek territory for the fight against poor conditions of living is our objective.

We leave in the past our sad present in order to write again united a brilliant future from scratch.

Our new political party takes birth so as to replace the eternal Greece of begging and bribing and live inside modern west civilization.

Protection of our State wealth and halt of its looting is our corner stone for re-birthing Greece.

Extinguish of “black” labor and control of public wealth that has been stolen already with the acceptance of present and previous political leaders will be the start of re-birthing Greece.

Our culture inheritance combined with the world principles of respect to human rights will be the bases that will stand up for a healthy society.

We respect everyone’s right to choose his desires with only demand his respect to Laws and not harming others.

Our financial support will be totally transparent based on everyone’s legal contributions on the world that shares our dream.

United we hope to bring Day After in Greece and pride to our children through our effort and sweat.

We reassure our allies and friends worldwide that Greece will take soon the right place in 21th century which deserves reinforcing west civilization inside our world.

Greece will not be devastated, our family properties and businesses will be protected and Greece will remain in the heart of Europe and Eurozone.

The rotten world of “Metapolitefsis” has act as a victim and divided on purpose Greeks will retreat facing reality, our principles and values.

Our political party name and base will symbolize democracy. 

Our political party will have hierarchy and structure all over Greece and world, wherever is a Greek citizen.

Our symbol will reflect the values for New Greece.

Our foundation principles as well as our name symbol and final foundation statement with 200 sighs will legally take birth according to the Law.

Responsibility of our actions and delays now is harming all Greeks.

We call all supporters of Greek civilization worldwide to support, consent and participate in our new effort.

We call all Greeks, men and women, that accept all the above to sigh with God help the birth of Modern Greece.